Top 5 Home Security Systems

10/09/2012 19:10

To provide utmost security and protection to your family in today’s time seem to be an impossible effort. With criminals lurking inside your property hoping to get everything that will benefit them, it’s so hard to find out which type of strategy they would use just to get what they wanted. And of course, even if you knew, do you know when will they come knocking on your door? Thinking about your family’s safety every now and then is a total anxiety. For this reason, home security systems are created. This article will introduce you to five of America’s most reliable and trusted home security systems. Read on and find out which one of them suits your criteria.

1. FrontPoint. This was rated as the number one company in the US to provide home security services. FrontPoint provides flawless service at a very affordable cost. With only $34.99 to $49.99 per month, you can get everything you need to provide utmost protection to your loved ones. It offers DIY home security systems, GE security alarm equipment, 100% cellular monitoring, and free consultation.


2. ADT. You may have already heard of this widely popular home security system. With over 130 years of experience and 6 million satisfied customers all across America, you can guarantee that their services are of top-notch. It offers $1 of full protection per day and helps owners save up to 20% on home insurance. Plus, it is voted as “Best Buy” by Consumer Digest.


3. Vivint. This company has served and is still protecting more than 500 thousand homes in the US. With only $49.99 to $68.99 per month, you can already get wireless and cellular technology. Like ADT, it is also rated as “Best Buy” by Consumer Digest and it has the capability of managing energy in your property.


4. Protect America. Now if you are really looking for a home security service provider that offers the cheapest deal, Protect America is a perfect option. With only $29.99 to $42.99 per month, you already get GE wireless home security systems with no installation fee. Since its foundation, this company had served more than 375 thousand properties in the US. And it is listed on SDM Magazine’s top 10 security companies in America.


5. Pinnacle. This fifth company may cost you a pretty hefty price; however, you can never doubt of its high quality performances. Pinnacle protects homes with a 3-layer defense system and installs 90% of security system 24/7. This rapidly growing company expands from 40% to 60% annually and in just a nick of time, it has been serving more than 300 thousand properties in the US.

When it comes to looking for the best home security system, always go to the one listed among the greatest.